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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - dash panel

Assembly overview - dash panel

1 -  Side defroster vent
2 -  Rubber buffer
3 -  Bolt
4 -  Sunlight penetration photosensor -G107-
5 -  Dash panel
6 -  Trim panel for dash panel
7 -  Centre vent with trim for display unit for front information display and operating unit control unit -J685-
Always remove trim for display unit for front information display and operating unit control unit -J685- and centre vent together as one unit.
8 -  Dash panel insert trim
9 -  Rotary light switch -EX1-
10 -  Light switch trim
11 -  Side vent
Dash panel

Removing and installing dash panel end cover
  Note Removal and installation is described for the dash panel end cover on driver side. Follow same instructions for the front passenger side as approp ...

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