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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - Bowden cable

Assembly overview - Bowden cable

1 -  Release lever
2 -  Bolt
3 -  Mounting bracket
4 -  Expanding nut
5 -  Bowden cable
6 -  Grommet
7 -  Clutch
8 -  Bowden cable

From clutch -7- to bonnet lock -9-

9 -  Bonnet lock
10 -  Bolt
Assembly overview - bonnet
1 -  Bonnet Removing and installing → Chapter Adjusting → Chapter 2 -  Adjustment buffer Qty. 2 ...

Removing and installing bonnet
Special tools and workshop equipment required         Removing ...

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Renewing front bonded rubber bush for lower suspension link
Special tools and workshop equipment required Assembly tool -T10219- Thrust plate -VW 402- Press tool -VW 411-         Press tool -V ...

Removing and installing door inner seal
During production, a sealant is applied to the door inner seals, which are then placed on the door flange and rolled on.   Note When removing the seal, the sealant is distributed across the inside of the seal. The sides are bent upwards ...

Crankshaft dimensions
Risk of damage to bearing pedestals when the crankshaft is removed.If the bolts of the crankshaft bearing cap are loosened, the bearing pedestals of the cylinder block will be deformed, and damage to the bearings will result.Never remove the crankshaft. Measuring the ...

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