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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: Assembly overview - auxiliary heater, interior

Assembly overview - auxiliary heater, interior

1 -  Bolts
7 Nm
2 -  Heat exchanger
Removing and installing → Chapter.
3 -  Seal
Must be renewed after every opening.
Note fitting position.
4 -  Burner tube
Removing and installing → Chapter.
5 -  Glow plug with flame monitoring -Q8-
Ensure correct seating.
Removing and installing → Chapter.
6 -  Cover for auxiliary heater control unit -J364-.
Removing and installing → Chapter.
7 -  Cover
8 -  Auxiliary heater control unit -J364- with combustion air blower -V6-
The auxiliary heater control unit -J364- and the combustion air blower -V6- with housing form one component and cannot be dismantled. The reason is the seal between the auxiliary heater control unit -J364- and the housing.
9 -  Noise insulation
10 -  Cover
Removing and installing → Chapter.
11 -  Coolant connection
Mark installation position before detaching
12 -  O-rings
13 -  Retaining plate
14 -  Bolt
4 Nm
15 -  Coolant connection
Mark installation position before detaching
16 -  Temperature sensor -G18-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
17 -  Retaining spring
18 -  Bolt
4 Nm
19 -  Overheating sensor -G189-
Removing and installing → Chapter.
Assembly overview - auxiliary heater attachments
1 -  Auxiliary heater 2 -  Clamping piece 3 -  Coolant hose 4 -  Air intake silencer ...

Removing and installing auxiliary heater
Special tools and workshop equipment required     Torque wrench -V.A.G 1410- (4…20 Nm) ...

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