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Volkswagen Golf Service & Repair Manual: 2-pack fine filler, flexible

  2-pack fine filler, flexible -LSP 787 100 A1-
Issued 07.2010
Product description
2-pack fine filler, flexible -LSP 787 100 A1- is a two-pack filler with good filling characteristics.
The product does not shrink and offers excellent adhesion to numerous substrates.
This filler is especially suitable for plastics.
Further applications:
  Repair of exterior plastic body surface damage with loss of material (scratches, holes, cracks) but no perforation of material
  To fill cuprammonium-rayon plastic which has previously been repaired using plastic repair set -D 007 700-
  To fill over a repair to avoid marking
Technical data sheet
  Uniform, fine, creamy consistency
  Good filling characteristics – no shrinkage
  Good sanding characteristics
  Adheres well to metal and plastic
Suitable substrates:
  Galvanised sheet steel
  All cleaned and sanded plastics in vehicles
  Glass-fibre reinforced plastics (UP-GF)
  Well-sanded old paint or factory paint
  Fully cured 2-pack fillers and 2-pack primers
Substrate pre-treatment:
–  Carefully remove any grease and sand surface.
–  Isolate any bare metal surfaces using 2-pack wash primer -LHV 043 000 A2-, and then apply 2-pack HS Performance surfacer. Sand surfacer after drying.
–  For UP-GF (fibreglass) substrate parts, remove residual release agents and lightly sand surface.

2-pack fine filler, flexible

–  Before recoating, clean again with slow-drying silicone remover -LVM 020 100 A5- or silicone remover -LVM 020 000 A5-.

2-pack fine filler, flexible

Recommended structure:
  Apply fine filler alone.
  Coat fine filler with 2-pack fine filler -LSP 784 002 A2- or with 2-pack spray filler -ALN 788 007- (except on galvanised sheet metal).
  Prime any bare metal surfaces and filled surfaces using 2-pack wash primer -LHV 043 000 A2-, and then apply 2-pack HS Performance surfacer.
–  Then recoat with top coat.
Before applying filler, the entire surface must be dry sanded with P280 to P400-grade sandpaper.
Application table

2-pack fine filler, flexible

Mixing ratio 2-3% by weight
Hardener 2-pack hardener -LVM 018 00 A1-
Pot life 2-4 minutes at +20 °C
Drying time (air drying at +20 °C ambient temperature) 20-30 minutes
Infrared drying:  
  Short-wave Approx. 3 minutes (at 50% power)
  Medium-wave Approx. 5 minutes
Sanding First sanding Second sanding
  Wet As P180-grade fine filler As P320 to P360-grade fine filler
  Dry As P80-grade and as P120-grade fine filler As P120 to P240-grade filler and as P280-grade fine filler
This filler may not be applied to PVB (acid-curing) surfaces or 1-pack primer (e.g. synthetic resin).
It is also unsuitable for thermoplastic or viscoelastic paint. In these cases, apply filler only to the bare metal.
  •   Before applying filler, the entire surface must be dry sanded with P280 to P320-grade sandpaper.
  •   Avoid adding too much hardener, as this can lead to bleeding through, especially with dayglow paints and light metallic colours.
  •   The minimum reaction temperature is +5 °C.
2-pack fine filler
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